Driving Habits that Can Hurt Your Car

New drivers have an excuse: cars are new to them! They’re still developing their driving habits.

But for those of us who have been behind the wheel for a while, there is no excuse. Most of us have developed some poor driving habits. Many of us may not even be aware of them!

While some poor habits can put us in danger on the road—rolling through stop signs, for instance—today we’re talking about bad driving habits that put your very vehicle at risk. (Not to mention your bank account!)

For instance:

Letting Fuel Levels Drop

Do you know that driving around on a low fuel level can impact your vehicle’s fuel pump?


This is a double-edged sword. Following other cars too closely can put you at risk of rear-ending another vehicle if it stops unexpectedly. But even if that doesn’t happen, braking excessively can wear out your brakes and rotors.

Shifting Without Braking

Those of us with automatic transmissions know firsthand that we can shift into Drive while the car is rolling down the driveway in Reverse. But what many of us may not realize is that this is bad for the transmission! Come to a complete stop before changing gears.

Weight Gain

Do you treat your vehicle like a storage unit? Keep in mind that extra weight is hard on your car (just like extra pounds are hard on the body!). Clean out your trunk and carry only what you need with you. Not only will that be easier on your suspension, transmission, and brakes—you’ll get better mileage, too.

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