Grilling Safety for a Delicious Summer

Happy grilling season!

Burgers. Steaks. Corn on the cob. Glazed fruit. Whatever your grilled snack of choice, this is the season to enjoy it!

But it bears repeating: grilling season overlaps with grilling injury season. And that’s nothing to make light of. Every year, nearly 6,000 grill fires take place on residential property—causing an average of $37 million in damage, 100 injuries and 10 fatalities.

This summer, these common-sense tips will help you keep your family, your home, and yourself safe when the grill is up and running.

Grilling Safety Tips

  • Place your grill appropriately: outdoors, on a level surface, a safe distance away from structures and landscaping. Once the grill is lit, do not move it.
  • Do not cover or store your grill until it has completely cooled down.
  • Keep children and pets away from the grill.
  • Wear a heavy apron and oven mitts while grilling.
  • Do not use gasoline or other flammable liquids to light a charcoal fire. Use only lighter fluid designed by grilling (and never add more lighter fluid once the fire has started).

And before you even get started:

  • Inspect your grill! Look for cracks or holes in the grill hoses. Check for blockages (caused by food drippings or insects) and clear them away with a wire or pipe cleaner.
  • Check for a gas leak: run a solution of one part liquid soap, one part water, along hoses and connections. Then open the valve at the tank. A gas leak will reveal itself with bubbles.
  • Adjust hoses so they are not close to hot areas or spots where grease might drip on them.

Wishing you a safe—and delicious!—grilling season!

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