Keep Your Business Heart-Healthy

SANTA ANA, Calif., February 5, 2015—Your workers are at the heart of your business, so in this American Heart Month, Insurance Partners, Inc., would like to remind you to support your workers’ efforts to be heart-healthy.

One in four deaths in the United States is caused by heart disease; it is the number one killer of men and women. Employers that offer workers opportunities to improve their cardiovascular health may not only notice or hear of results of their workers’ efforts, they may also experience increased productivity and improved workplace morale.

Take this opportunity to plan heart health opportunities throughout the year. Some ideas to consider:

  • Invite a health professional to present tips about cardiovascular health.
  • Offer healthful snacks in vending machines.
  • Encourage workers to walk for 20-30 minutes during their lunch break.
  • Host a workplace health screening for your workers.
  • Hold a sign-up for weekend bike outings or hikes, or a company softball or bowling team.
  • Invite the Red Cross to offer a CPR training at the workplace.
  • Host a healthy cooking demonstration at lunchtime.
  • Include heart healthy suggestions in your company newsletter.
  • Remind workers to incorporate de-stressing techniques into their day (breathing exercises, stretches, meditation, etc).

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