A DIY Home Inspection Checklist for Your Spring Maintenance Chores

Spring cleaning may get all the publicity—but spring maintenance may be even more important.

Longer, sunnier days provide a great opportunity to take care of tasks you may have let slide. They can help ensure your home’s safety—and avoid the need for more expensive maintenance or repairs down the line.

Where to begin? With your own home inspection. Our checklist below is a great starting point.

Spring Maintenance: Home Exterior

Check for damage or unusual appearances that could indicate larger problems, such as a leak:

  • Roof: Check for shingle damage, mildew, or algae
  • Paint job: Peeling paint is an opportunity for water damage (and the negative effects of other types of weather)
  • Windows and door sills: Check that they are properly sealed and are not showing signs of leakage
  • Balconies, decks, pergolas: Check for wood damage or loose boards

Spring Maintenance: Home Interior

  • Basement, crawlspace, and attic: Check for signs of standing water, dropping, visible moisture, or discoloration. In addition to repairing any leaks you may find, be sure to eradicate any mold that may be present.
  • Dryer exhaust hose and vent: vacuum thoroughly to remove lint build-up, a common cause of fires.
  • Exhaust fan outlets and screens: clean thoroughly.
  • Air filters: if you haven’t replaced them recently, now’s a great time.
  • Refrigerator/freezer coils: vacuum thoroughly to help your unit run efficiently.

Spring Maintenance: Outdoors

  • Gutters and downspouts: clean out any accumulated dirt and debris
  • Landscaping: trim any plants that are too close to your home or to utility wires
  • Soil/ mulch: ensure that it is not in contact with your home’s siding
  • Signs of rodent infestation: check for signs of rodents, roaches, termites, etc, and take the necessary steps to rid your property of them.

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