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Discover key insurance marketing statistics for 2024, including the importance of digital ads, the role of mobile searches, and the value of phone call conversions. Learn how insurance marketers can optimize their strategies to drive more high-quality leads and boost revenue.

Source: Invoca Blog, 2023 – Derek Anderson

Explore essential statistics about small business insurance, including the percentage of small businesses that are underinsured, the average cost of various insurance policies, and the impact of proper insurance coverage on business continuity and risk management.

Source: Forbes Advisor, 2023 – Ashlee Valentine

Learn about the workplace injuries that result in the highest compensation claims. Discover which injuries are most costly, including those from motor vehicle accidents, burns, and falls, and understand the financial impact of work-related injuries on businesses.

Source: Insurance Business America, 2022 – Mark Rosanes

A report from the Workers’ Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau of California reveals that approximately 40% of workers’ compensation claims come from employees with less than a year of tenure. The report shows newer employees experiencing more falls, struck, or cut injuries.

Source: Insurance Journal, 2024

Discover the top workers’ compensation insurance companies in the USA for 2023. This comprehensive review highlights industry leaders recognized for their financial stability, excellent claims handling, superior customer service, and innovative coverage options.                                     

Source: Insurance Business America, 2023

Independent insurance agents offer unbiased expertise, personalized local service, and act as personal advisors, helping clients find the best coverage by comparing multiple policies. They provide tailored solutions and support, especially during claims processes and changes in coverage needs.

Source: Mercury Insurance, 2024

Workers’ compensation insurance is essential for covering medical costs and lost income for employees injured or ill due to work. This guide explains what workers’ compensation is, what it covers, who is eligible, and how it protects businesses from financial liabilities.

Source: Insurance Business America, 2023 – Mark Rosanes

If your employer cannot accommodate work restrictions after a job-related injury, you are entitled to disability benefits through workers’ compensation insurance. Employers are not required to make accommodations but cannot force you to perform tasks beyond your restrictions.

Source: Insurance Business America, 2023 – Mark Rosanes

You can get insurance for a wide range of unexpected events, from fantasy football player injuries to multiple births. This article explores some unusual insurance policies available, such as zombie apocalypse coverage, wedding insurance, and even policies for David Beckham’s body parts. These quirky insurance options highlight the broad spectrum of coverage available beyond traditional policies.

Source: Mercury Insurance, 2021

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